Recorded an elevator pitch for our current course in sales & entrepreneurship. Perhaps I should smile a bit more! This is going to be pitched to a Dragon’s Den type jury so you know the context. Added a smooth elevator tune to enhance the experience.

04 june. 2020

Used Adobe Illustrator and it’s powerful tools to create stunning creative illustrations. On the left is Earnin’ & Learnin’ chilling on Curious Island which I drew for our current school project. 

Please click for a larger version!

More illustrations like this will be uploaded very soon.

11 may. 2020

Building a platform consisting of carefully selected content from the web. Content can be broken down in specific categories and we’ll feature the very best from various platforms with a wide array of quality selection. Going to start with original content to slowly build an interesting platform and community. More information will be released and we’re under development.

1 may. 2020


Learning Agile methods in project management to successfully and effectively drive a project forward. This valuable knowledge gives me tools and resources to become a proper project leader.


20 apr. 2020


Delved deep and made some comprehensive research into the marketing strategies used by Red Bull. You can see my abilities for critical thinking and exceptional copywriting. Showing a fraction of this work to prove my enthusiasm and motivation of understanding.

(LINK) Red Bull Marketing Plan (Google Docs)

28 feb. 2020

Working as an influencer over at Best in Sweden, check out my quality copywriting and reviews!!

1 nov. 2019

Made some motion graphics in Adobe After Effects with artwork in Photoshop for my uncle who produces extremely good music. Working as his Content Manager and handling all his music online.


15 oct. 2019

This is a business card created in Adobe In-Design and Photoshop. I got inspiration from American Express and other credit card designs with some enlightened pyramid art and stars in the background.

09 jul. 2019

Sheep Cream is a made up commercial created by me and my colleagues. I decided to take upon the main role and act it out.

The programs used are Adobe after effects, audition, photoshop & premier pro.

26 apr. 2019

This is a short version of the sheep cream commercial suited for social media platforms.

It was created in Adobe premier pro, after effects & audition.


19 apr. 2019

Days of Entrepreneurship was an event made for students to get inspired by successful influencers. I decided to livestream the event on youtube for research and PR. This is the highlights and the long version can be found on my Youtube channel.

Programs used are Adobe premier pro & audition.

2 apr. 2019

This is the highlights from a podcast called “dumma idéer” where me and my colleagues talked about ways to earn money that might not be the brightest.

Cut & edited in Adobe Audition.

26 mar. 2019

This onepager was coded in Visual Studio code. It’s nothing special but makes sure I’ve got the basic knowledge of the program and the structure of a one-pager.

28 feb. 2019

Endgame Studios is a website coded in Visual Studio with HTML, CSS & a small amount of Javascript. 

In collaboration with my friend and colleague

19 mar. 2019